Wednesday, March 24, 2010

wendy's nutrition - Do It Your Self Weight Loss

wendy's nutrition - Do It Your Self Weight Loss
If you think you can go it alone, go for it. Start off by creating your own healthy living and eating plan. Sit down and go over your weight loss goals – short and long term. Examine closely the time frame in which you hope to achieve the weight loss. Next, consider your own commitments. Be realistic in all your data and expectations. Do not lie to yourself. That will only result in disappointment.

Approach the plan with the following basics in mind.
• Eat fewer calories than you burn. Do so at a healthy pace: drop 500 each day.
• Always eat breakfast. Studies show people who eat breakfast are more likely to lose weight.
• Exercise. This helps you to burn off more calories. The more you burn off, the more weight you lose.
• Be consistent in your diet. Eat regularly and at the same time. This includes weekends.
• Weigh yourself regularly. It helps you to keep progress of weight loss and gain.
• Keep on track. Establish a healthy pattern for the rest of your life.